Landlord Alert!

Please be aware that we have had recent reports of fraudsters posing as interested tenants and contacting landlords seeking a refund of rent they claimed to have paid in advance.  Please be warned and always exercise caution when liaising with persons interested in renting your accommodation.  
For information on other housing scams please access the Australian Consumer Protection link on:


The Student Life Office maintains the database of off campus accommodation. This database is provided to University students by way of a referral service only: the University is not an agent for the people offering the accommodation nor for students seeking accommodation. The properties listed have not been inspected by the University and the individuals offering the accommodation have not been vetted or reviewed by the University. The University does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of any information provided in the database listing and the merits or bona fides of the individual offering the accommodation. It is the sole responsibility of the student to undertake all checks on the property and the person offering the accommodation, and the University is not a party to any arrangement entered into between the student and person offering the accommodation. The University expressly disclaims any and all liability and responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, costs and the like which may arise by reason (directly or indirectly) of a person accessing, using, relying on any of the information contained within the database and/or for any agreements and or arrangements entered into.