Student Counselling Service - Common Questions

I need support for Special Consideration, Deferred or Irregularly Scheduled Exams & Retroactive Withdrawal

There are many reasons that students might require special assistance during the course of their degree. Any special assistance is guided by the university's policy on Special Consideration, Deferred or Irregularly Scheduled Exams or Retroactive Withdrawal. It is important that you read these policies and regulations before submitting an application for assistance.

It is usually useful to discuss your application with your faculty before submitting your application as they will be able to guide you to the correct information and advise you as to whether your situation meets the criteria set out in the regulations.

Our counsellors provide a number of services to help you submit your application for assistance:

  • Help in understanding the regulations,
  • Help in deciding what the best option may be for you
  • Help completing the necessary forms

It is your responsibility to provide documentation to support your applications for Special Consideration, Deferred or Irregularly Scheduled Exams or Retroactive Withdrawal. If you can bring this documentation to your first appointment it may be possible to complete your form and return it to your faculty immediately. In some cases counsellor may be able to sign Special Consideration, Deferred or Irregularly Scheduled Exams and Retroactive Withdrawal forms without further supporting documentation. For example if you have seen a counsellor a number of times before applying or if you are able to clearly demonstrate a pre-existing mental health diagnosis. In most cases you will be required to provide further documentation before a counsellor will sign your forms.

Please note that when a Student Counsellor supports your application for Special Consideration, Deferred or Irregularly Scheduled Exams or Retroactive Withdrawal it does not necessarily mean that these requests will be granted. These decisions are made by the Administrative and Academic Staff of the University.

I would like a counsellor to advocate on my behalf regarding special circumstances or difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies, it is always important to speak with your lecturer, tutor or course coordinator. Your issues or concerns can often be dealt with immediately by academic staff.

If you are unable to resolve your concerns or have difficulty contacting academic staff directly, the student counsellors may be able to advocate on your behalf.

Please note that when a student counsellor advocates on your behalf it does not necessarily mean that they will achieve your desired outcome. Academic staff will make decisions based on all the evidence provided including that from the Student Counsellor and within the University regulations.

I would like Assistance with appealing an academic or administrative decision affecting me

Students have a right to appeal against academic or administrative decisions affecting them. Please read the Student Appeals Policy to help you determine whether you can appeal a decision and how to lodge an appeal. Student Counsellors are available to support you during your appeal process should you decide to proceed.

Assistance with Grievances

The University recognises that students may wish to raise a complaint, problem, issue or concern (Grievance) relating to their current or past involvement with the University. Please read the Grievance Procedure and talk with a Grievance Officer for further information. Student counsellors can help you decide whether to lodge a grievance and provide support while your grievance is being heard.

I would like advice and support about my disciplinary committee hearing

If you are required to attend a Disciplinary Committee hearing our counsellors are able to offer you advice and support. They can help you prepare for the hearing and manage any anxiety so that you are able to state your case with confidence. Counsellors are also able to provide a debrief appointment after a hearing if you are feeling concerned or upset.

I am an Indigenous Student

We invite all indigenous students to come and meet with a student counsellor to discuss how we might support you in your academic and personal goals. You don't have to have a problem or be struggling to meet with us. We provide coaching and mentoring support that is specifically designed to be relaxed, conversational and supportive. The Student Counselling Service is committed to working sensitively and culturally with indigenous students. With a large indigenous staff group and the campuses presence for over 20 years in the Kimberley region, as an indigenous student you are part of an education environment that is here for you.

I am a mature age student

We understand that being mature age student takes a lot of skill and determination. Mature age students often have to re-train themselves into study habits whilst balancing multiple responsibilities at home or work. Sometimes balancing life's demands and academic expectations can feel overwhelming. We invite you to make an appointment with your counsellors to discuss developing good study habits as well as addressing any difficulties that you encounter along the way.

I have a disability

If you have a disability that affects your study in any way we encourage you to contact the University's Disability Support Officer at the Academic Enabling and Support Centre. You are also welcome to make an appointment with a counsellor if your disability is affecting your studies or personal development.