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At Notre Dame, we emphasise the value of the individual and the ethical foundation of one's personal and professional life.

The University attracts students from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds, which produces an exciting and vital atmosphere on Campus. We offer a personal approach to teaching, with small classes and individual support.

The University provides a range of courses drawn from its various disciplines. Notre Dame degrees are recognised and respected nationally and internationally, reflecting the teaching excellence and academic standards of the University, and the rich tradition it draws upon through its affiliation with Notre Dame in the United States. Notre Dame's professional degrees are fully accredited by the relevant Australian authorities and/or professions.

We aim to develop our students as self-confident individuals who see service to others as an important life goal. We emphasise preparation for working life in our professional degrees. Most courses have an internship or practicum as a compulsory part of the learning experience. These practical learning opportunities provide students with the chance to network and build contacts, and some students are offered jobs by the internship employer before they graduate.

We are also eager for our students to have an enjoyable and life-broadening experience.