Clinical Practicum

Clinical practicum forms a fundamental part of the University of Notre Dame nursing programs with students attending placement in a variety of health care setting and towns. Bachelor of nursing students (RN) are required to complete a minimum of 1240 hours of clinical hours during their course. Bachelor of Nursing (Articulation from EN to BN) are required to do 840hours. Diploma of nursing (EN) students are required to complete a minimum of 600hours during their course. This equates to between a 4 to 6 week placement twice a year. Placements are full time and shifts worked cover the am, pm and nightshift across the seven day week.

This provides students with a ‘reality of practice’ to work as a registered nurse in the health care team. Students are supported throughout their placement by the nursing staff in the work area and the university clinical supervisor.

The Clinical Placements Coordinator

The Clinical Placements Coordinators’ primary role is the placement and management of undergraduate and VET nursing students on clinical practicum.

Students are required to contact the Clinical Placements Coordinators regarding any questions for clinical practicum. Facilities are asked to contact the Clinical Placements Coordinator or the Senior Administration Officer, who if unable to answer your query, will be able to transfer your call to the appropriate person.

Staff contacts (Broome campus)

Sally Clark
Assistant Dean/Clinical Coordinator
08 9192 0646

Senior Administration Officer, Broome Campus
08 9192 0601