Career pathway advice

According to the Hays Recruiting Survey of 2012, some of the biggest regrets of Australians are ‘making the wrong choice of subjects at Uni’ (29%) and ‘not asking for advice about study choices’ (21%).

If you would like to eliminate any doubts in your mind about which pathways may suit you, make an appointment with our Career Officer through the Student Services reception desk in ND7 (next to St Teresa’s Library) or book online via CareerHub using your University of Notre Dame login.

Before booking an appointment, the following websites may be of use in gathering employment information:

  • My Career Match: As subscribers to this resource, simply email the Careers Officer for an access code and punch it in when you’re done with your profile. It’s easy to do and surprisingly accurate.
  • ISEEK skills assessments – A plethora of activities for you to complete, they can help match your interests and skills to suitable careers.
  • Skillsroad – A slick, detailed website with a number of quizzes and self-assessment tools more suited to the school leaver.
  • Graduate Careers Australia: Check out their Career planning and resources section.
  • Job Guide: An oldie, but a goodie, it informs on thousands of jobs
  • My Future: National career information site. Create your own profile and explore
  • Job Outlook: Government funded, comprehensive career information and exploration site. Take the Career Quiz.

Don’t forget to consult your School and Discipline coordinators when making such decisions.