Community Connections

Venue Hire

Chippendale Creative Precinct

Notre Dame works closely with the Chippendale Creative Precinct to support events and initiatives for the Chippendale community. Notre Dame and the CCP will also work collaboratively in 2013 to organise internships for our students with the local community.

Notre Dame supports the annual BEAMS festival, when over 250 artists, creatives and performers come together to put on a show and celebrate the suburb’s historical laneways. Notre Dame students and staff participate in the Festival.

Notre Dame students connecting with local businesses

Many of Notre Dame’s courses allow students to undertake work experience or internships in the professional sphere. This allows students to build up industry contacts and experience and businesses gain the assistance of bright young individuals who are keen to transfer the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge into real-life experience. Local businesses interested in participating in Notre Dame’s internship program can contact Darren Fitzpatrick, at

Taking a Course at Notre Dame

One of the ways in which people can immerse themselves in the Notre Dame experience is by becoming an audit or not-for-degree student in a range of courses on offer.

For Audit Study
Audit students sit in on lectures and tutorials but do not undertake assessments or receive academic credit for their attendance. They are not required to fulfill the University’s normal undergraduate admission requirements.

Not-For-Degree Study
Not-for-degree students, on the other hand, undertake assessments and receive academic credit but do not necessarily plan to complete a full-length degree. They must meet the University’s normal admission requirements.

Units Available
The range of offerings for audit students includes the following undergraduate areas of study:

Aboriginal Studies
Behavioural Science
Communications and Media
English Literature
Environmental Science
Greek Studies
Italian Studies
Legal Studies
Philosophy and Ethics
Social Justice
Theatre Studies
Theology and Pastoral Studies

Not-for-degree students may apply to study in most course areas (notable exceptions include Nursing, Medicine and Physiotherapy) but their enrolment will be subject to approval from the relevant Dean of the School that teaches the units.

Audit students are charged a reduced fee per unit of study. Not-for-degree students pay the normal unit fee. It is important to note neither audit students or Not-For-Degree students are eligible for FEE-HELP and therefore the costs of these units are up-front, full fee paying. Unit fee information can be found on our website or by contacting the Fees Office.

Further Information
If you would like further information regarding units, or information pertaining to admissions, fees or the University itself, please contact the Prospective Students Office on (02) xxxxxxxx or at