Help and Support



The University uses PeopleSoft as its core staffing and finance management system.

To access the system follow the links below and log in with your Staff ID and password.

A scheduled maintenance window has been established for the Finance System. This window reserves 30 minutes, each Saturday starting at 9am EST for any maintenance event. During this time, the Finance System may be unavailable.

Employee and Manager Self Service Access

Access for Staffing Office (on-campus only)

Access for Financial Delegates, Purchase Transactors & Finance Office (on-campus only)

Training is provided by the Staffing and Finance Offices and is available to all users of the system, either online or face to face.

To view and book training please log in to the PeopleSoft Blackboard page.

System Availability
The PeopleSoft system is available for use 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance periods.

Service Updates
Current status – Self-Service available.
Current status – Staffing available.
Current status – Finance available. - Scheduled Maintenance each Saturday @ 9am EST for 30 minutes.

Support for the system is available via the IT Service Desk from 8am (EDT) to 5pm (WST) Mondays to Fridays, except when the University is closed.

To contact the IT Service Desk:
WA            (08) 9433 0999   |
NSW/VIC   (02) 8204 4444   |

FAQs and support documentation are available 24/7 via the Peoplesoft Blackboard page.