Clinical Communication Lecture - with Dr Jonathon Silverman

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame Australia

Teaching clinical communication - success story or doomed to failure?
Why does progress in the standard of communication in healthcare in the real world sometimes feel so disappointingly slow despite so much effort on communication skills training? Does the culture of healthcare practice and the complexity of modern medicine squeeze out communication in the real world? Are we making a difference? In this lecture, we will look to see if there are problems in communication in healthcare, whether research can provide solutions to these problems and whether it's possible to teach communication. We would explore them If we have been successful in achieving this, why progress is still slow and what can we do about.

Topic: Teaching clinical communication – success story or doomed to failure?
Venue: School of Medicine Sydney, University of Notre Dame Australia
Date: Friday 22nd May 2015
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Cost: Free
Capacity: 120

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