About Fremantle Campus

Community Relations

The role of the Community Relations Office is to inform, invite and involve you as part of our community in the activities of The University of Notre Dame Australia and to present the mission and vision of our University.

Our focus is to present to our students a rigorous academic program with a strong practical focus. Internships and practicums are seen as essential to the development of our graduates. The advantage is two-fold; students are gaining valuable workplace experience and they are able to build a network which can facilitate their employment opportunities in the future.

The Community Relations Office also conducts tours of the University. Should you wish to book a tour of our unique University, please contact us for further information.

Please contact us at:

Community Relations Office
Office: ND1 (Vice Chancellery) - 19 Mouat St Fremantle.
Mail address: PO Box 1225 Fremantle 6959
Phone: (08) 9433 0692
Email address: communityrelations@nd.edu.au