Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)

Notre Dame has a two year Master of Teaching program that doubles the amount of practicum of a Diploma of Education. This allows students to take a more graduated approach to the in-school development of teaching competence.  
The undergraduate degree must be in a discipline(s) relevant to the secondary school curriculum and provide sufficient content depth for a teaching major (up to Year 12 level) and a teaching minor (up to Year 10 level).
The Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) course at Notre Dame provides students with:

  • An extensive school experience component amounting to 20 weeks of in-school time over two years
  • Strong supportive mentoring arrangement
  • A focus on the Curriculum Framework and learning outcomes
  • The strong integration of theory and practice
  • Coursework that is contemporary, practical, interactive and focused on problem solving
  • Professional reflection on practice
  • Exposure to emergent learning technologies
  • Attainment of employer, government and registration requirements
  • Accreditation to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school (if desired)
  • Requirements to teach in a Catholic school (if desired)

Course Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)
Duration 2 yrs full-time or equivalent part-time
Relevant Bachelors degree from a recognised tertiary institution demonstrating the attainment of satisfactory grades and major and minor specialisations in subject areas that support teaching in two of the Learning Areas of the secondary school curriculum.
Practicum 20 weeks
Campus Fremantle
Study Mode Full-time, Part-time
More informationNot available for external study