Graduate Diploma of Nursing

The Graduate Diploma of Nursing is aimed at facilitating registered nurses to develop knowledge and consolidate skills to function as specialists within their chosen discipline. It also provides currently practising, specialised nurses with opportunities to advance their own professional practice.

Prospective Students Office
Ph: 08 9433 0533
CourseGraduate Diploma of Nursing
Duration2 yrs part-time
The course will be available to registered nurses who have a previous degree or who have accumulated a wealth of experience in the area, but who do not have a degree. These nurses will be provided with additional support when embarking upon the course.
Loan SchemeFEE-HELP
Study ModePart-time
More Information This Graduate Diploma is available part-time only, spread over a minimum of two years.
Approximate contact time: 2-4 hours per week, per unit.