Why Study at Notre Dame?

Join a world class academic network

We maintain strong links with our sister university, the University of Notre Dame du Lac in Indiana, USA and because of this relationship, we are able to benchmark many of our courses against those of one of the world’s top universities. Staff and student exchanges between Notre Dame in Australia and Notre Dame du Lac add a further vitality to the global Notre Dame community.

You will become part of the national and international network of Notre Dame. If you wish, you will have access to a national exchange program where you can complete part of your degree at our Perth or Broome Campus.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Private Higher Education

Small class sizes
Our small lecture and tutorial sizes and the intimate campus environment will ensure that your lecturers and fellow students will get to know you as an individual.

Superior achievement
You and your fellow students will be selected for admission to Notre Dame on the basis of your academic performance (including UAI), life experience, personal goals, aspirations and professional ambition. The student body will be diverse and you will learn a great deal from the various backgrounds and experiences which you will experience on campus.

Unsurpassed teaching
You will be taught by talented academic staff who are gifted scholars and highly respected in their professional communities. Our academic staff are committed to the teaching and pastoral care of their students. Notre Dame continually rates higher than any other Australian university for the quality of teaching.

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Life-Enhanced Learning

Your learning experience will encompass more than just the theoretical. You will have the opportunity during your studies at Notre Dame to undertake practicums, clinicals, internships and industry experience to enable you to apply theory in real-life professional settings. The understanding of your field of study in Australia will be supplemented by the insight of your fellow students from many countries around the world. Should you choose to do so, this international perspective will be enhanced by a study abroad experience during your degree.

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Personal Development

At the conclusion of your undergraduate studies, we hope you will be able to say that you have considered some of the fundamental questions and issues of human existence through your Core Curriculum studies in Ethics, Philosophy and Theology. In addition, you can be involved in our community service program using the skills gained as part of your degree.

At Notre Dame, we believe you will complete your course with satisfaction and fulfilment, and hope that you develop into a leader in your professional community.

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Admission Requirements and Application Forms