About the Program

Residential Staff
The Residential team comprises of the Manager of Student Residences, Hall Supervisors and Residential Assistants. It is their role to provide support and care for students in all aspects of their university life whether it be offering academic assistance, personal support and assisting with social and recreational opportunities.

Hall Supervisors and Residential Assistants live in the residences and have a hands-on role in the general administration of the Hall as well as providing leadership which offers a constant and stabilising presence.

The Fremantle Campus has security officers on campus at all times. In the event of an emergency, residents can contact on-call residential staff who are trained to respond to, and support students. For security reasons, all students are advised to lock their doors while absent from their rooms.

Community Meals & Meetings
Within our residential communities, two dinners per week are held where groups of students take turns to cook for each other and invited guests. The community meals are $8.00 per meal. The community meals are a great way to spend time with everyone in your Hall and are excellent value for the quality and variety of food provided.

There are also weekly meetings where everyone has a chance to share their highlights/concerns and hear about upcoming events as well as participate in other activities. All students who reside in the residential halls are expected to attend the community meetings.

Quiet Hours
We understand students are attending University to study and accordingly we insist on a series of quiet hours in our Residences.

These hours are:
Weekdays (Sunday - Thursday): 10.00pm - 8.00am
Weekends (Friday& Saturday): 12am (midnight) – 8.00am

Visiting hours
You are welcome to have guests visit your Hall of Residence; however, visitors are not permitted to stay overnight. There are also designated times when guests are not allowed to be in the Halls, are:
Weekdays (Sunday – Thursday): 12.00am (midnight) – 8.00am
Weekends (Friday & Saturday): 2.00am – 8.00am

Alcohol and Drug Policy
All Halls of Residence are 'dry' (no alcohol). Alcohol cannot be consumed and/or stored in the Residential Halls at any time. The University has a zero tolerance policy in relation to any form of drug possession, drug trafficking or drug use by residents, students or staff.

Orientation Week
Orientation Week (O Week) is held the week prior to the start of each academic semester. O Week is important for welcoming our Study Abroad students to Australia and new residents to Notre Dame. It also provides an opportunity for all residents to meet each other as well as the residential staff. O Week includes a range of activities, talks and tours that help new residents familiarise themselves with the Campus and residential environment.

A number of activities held during O Week are compulsory for all residential students. All new Study Abroad students are required to attend the entire O Week program.