Dawn Darlaston-Jones

Associate Professor Dawn Darlaston-Jones MAPS
BA(Psych)Hons, Grad Cert Ed (Tertiary)., MPsych(Community) PhD, Registered Psychologist
Co-ordinator, Behavioural Science

Email: Dawn.Darlaston-Jones@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0124

Dawn is Co-ordinator of the Bachelor of Behavioural Science an interdisciplinary programme based on the principles of Critical Community Psychology that provides the nexus between traditional Psychology and Social work degrees. Her PhD research combined her interests in both psychology and education, as she explored the undergraduate experience of psychology students. Dawn’s research interests lie in the areas of social justice and critical psychology with particular emphasis on resistance and emancipation, cultural issues, and education.

The focus of her current work is Indigenous education and the importance of curriculum change to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in higher education as well as how the changing climate of higher education can lead to feelings of exclusion within the university context. She is an award winning educator receiving the ECU Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence (2003), National Teaching Excellence Award (2003); the ALTC/APS Prize for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (2011) and has been nominated for the UNDA Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence (2012).

Dawn has a history of applied research using innovative research methodologies in diverse settings. She has published and presented work that critiques the research endeavour and challenges the dominant paradigms within psychology. She has also published work that calls for changes in curriculum to promote social inclusion and anti racism agendas.

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