Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science at Notre Dame is based on the premise of social justice and equity for all peoples. It is concerned with the practical application of such principles to all aspects of human interaction. A Behavioural Scientist values human diversity and works collaboratively with communities to identify and advance the goals of the group and the individuals that comprise it. Behavioural Science promotes the concept of Wellbeing and aims to facilitate this at the individual, relational and collective levels.

The Behavioural Science degree incorporates specialised knowledge developed in the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and Cultural Studies. It examines the manner in which people respond to the various contexts they inhabit and also the influence that people can have on those contexts. As such it provides the nexus between traditional Psychology and Social Work.

Students of the Bachelor of Behavioural Science may also include a supporting major or minor from any of the Arts, Science, Communications and Media or Counselling degrees. Students might also consider taking one of the many double degree options offered by the University. Behavioural Science is a popular combination with Arts, Commerce, Education, Law and Science.

Students can study this discipline in a Bachelor of Behavioural Science or as a major in such Bachelor degrees as Arts, Science, Communication and Media, Commerce, or Education. A degree in Behavioural Science equips graduates with the skills to work in a range of professional settings including government, the private sector, and not for profit organisations.