Politics and International Relations

Politics is about people and the way we interact with and influence one another. It's also about the fundamental principles and beliefs we all hold, and the way these determine our behaviour and decision-making. All of us experience politics in our personal and professional lives. When we study Politics we look at how these relationships and beliefs actually play out in society and how they determine the way our government operates. Students at Notre Dame will find a close connection between our Politics and Social Justice units because we believe that it is essential to take the time to consider what politics should seek to achieve.

Notre Dame's Politics program also has a strong focus on International Relations. Global events today affect us much more directly than ever before. We can no longer understand our political system in Australia without appreciating how international events shape our daily lives. Our Politics and International Relations units are designed to give students a practical and insightful understanding of the theoretical and actual basis of our system of government and where we stand internationally.

Graduates of the Politics and International Relations program will be able to apply the skills they learn in a whole range of areas, including politics, diplomacy, government, business, and the non-government sector. The Politics and International Relations program also provides an excellent pathway to postgraduate research opportunities, Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Students of Notre Dame's Politics and International Relations program also have an opportunity to engage in exciting and unique opportunities which extend their learning experience and equip them with additional professional and life skills. A key component of the Politics and International Relations program is an Internship in an area relevant to the student's interests, which may see them placed in a parliamentary office, museum or library, or see them research and write for an interest group.

There are also wonderful opportunities for students to travel while taking this course. These include Study Abroad opportunities in which Politics and International Relations students may seek to take a Congressional Internship in Washington DC, or which may take them on an intensive overseas study tour with other History and Politics students of the University.

Politics and International Relations Units

Politics and International Relations units are run on a two-year rotation and are streamed into the key areas of

  • Australian politics.
  • international relations.
  • political theories and ideas.

Eight approved units are required for a major in Politics and International Relations; six approved units are required for a minor.