Professor Gregory C. G. Moore
HonEc(UWA), MEc(Flinders), PhD(La Trobe)
Coordinator of Economics

Phone: 9433 0914

Professor Gregory Moore has published extensively in international economic journals including: History of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Surveys, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Journal of Economic Methodology, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, and History of Economics Review. He was co-editor of the History of Economics Review from 2007 to 2011 and a contributing editor to the Biographical Dictionary of Australian Economists.

He is the recipient of the WEG Salter Prize (University of Western Australia), the HETSA Award for the Best PhD in the History of Economic Thought in Australasia, and the 2011 Groenewegen Prize for the best article to appear in the History of Economics Review over the period 2009-10. He taught at Duke University in 2001 as a visiting fellow.

Professor Moore’s research interests include the history of economic thought, economics of financial crises, mathematical economics, money and banking and public provision of art. His main interest, however, is teaching at an undergraduate level and, with this end in mind, he hosts an annual conference for undergraduates studying economics and finance entitled Freedom to Choose (FTC). Students studying economics and finance from the five Western Australian universities are encouraged to apply to attend this conference. See the following links to previous FTC conferences:
FTC 2010, FTC 2011, FTC 2012, FTC 2013, FTC 2014.

10 Selected Publications

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