Professor Rob Leeson

Adjunct Professor


Professor Robert Leeson was appointed as an Adjunct Professor to the School of Business in 2008.  He is a prolific researcher and writer of economic journals and text.  His articles have appeared in a number of the world’s leading general journals such as the Economic Journal and Economica in addition to The Australian Quarterly and History of Political Economy.  On a broad measure of publications, Professor Leeson was ranked joint 17th (with Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson) in the list of the world’s top 500 economists on the basis of the number of journal articles included in the ECONLIT database of the American Economic Association. Whilst alive, Milton Friedman made Professor Leeson his de facto literary executor by granting permission to reproduce all his books, articles, correspondence and diary entries in Milton Friedman’s Collected Writings.  Professor Leeson is currently a Visiting Professor of Economics at Stanford University.