Dr Dianne Chambers
BA (Primary), B. Ed. (Hons), M. Ed. (Learning Difficulties), PhD
Associate Professor, Coordinator Special Education

Email: dianne.chambers1@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0170

Dianne is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Campus. She coordinates and teaches into units on catering for students with disabilities, inclusion and behaviour management at undergraduate level. Postgraduate teaching areas include adaptive education, behaviour management and social skills, children with special needs, contemporary issues in special education and educating students who are gifted and talented. She also supervises students within the School of Education Masters and PhD program. She is published in the field of inclusive education, assistive technology and children with ASD. Dianne has a wide range of interests in the area of special education; including the use of assistive technology in regular settings; the preparedness and attitudes of beginning teachers to accommodate students with diverse abilities in their classrooms; resource allocation for schools with diverse student needs; and alternative and augmentative communication methods.

Selection of Journal Articles and Conference Presentations
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Conference Presentations

Chambers, D. (2012). Assistive technology and education assistants special needs - Perceptions of efficacy and use in the classroom. Paper presented at the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (WAIER) Forum, 'Transforming practice: The value of educational research', 11 August, Perth, WA.

Chambers, D., & Coffey, A. (2012). Moving on up: Development of a responsive website to support the transition of students with special needs from primary to secondary settings. Paper presented at the Joint 2012 AASE/TPA Conference, 'Ethical Leadership for All', 11 – 13 July, Hobart, Tasmania.

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