Serena Davie
BSc(Hons), PGCE, MEd
Manager Professional Practice

Phone: 9433 0156

Serena Davie is the manager of the Office of Professional Practice and in this role endeavors to ensure that all aspects of the Practicum Experience are planned and organized to facilitate the students’ success. In this role Serena oversees the training of university supervisors who mentor students throughout the practicum.

Serena has an honours degree in biochemistry from Newcastle University, a post graduate certificate in Education from Cambridge University, in England and a Masters of Education (Leadership & Management) from The University of Notre Dame.

She has taught science, mathematics and outdoor education for more than 15 years in England and Western Australia. She has taught in inner city multicultural schools in Northern England and in both metropolitan and rural schools in WA. She currently teaches some undergraduate units in mathematics and science education at Notre Dame. Serena is currently enrolled in a PhD in educational technology.

She has an interest in promoting rural and remote practicum experiences to students. She has visited communities in the Goldfields and Kimberley to establish links with schools for pre – service teachers undertaking their practicum. The number of students undertaking a rural or remote practicum has steadily increased over the last five years. Serena uses a wiki to support rural and remote students whilst on practicum
Teaching Areas
Science and maths
Research Expertise and Supervision
Early childhood and care, technology in early childhood education


Research and engagement

Rural and Remote Practicum Stories
Journal Articles and Proceedings
Davie, S., & Berlach, R. G. (2010). Using wikis to facilitate communication for rural, remote, and at-risk practicum students. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 6 (1), 78.

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Conference Papers
O'Connor, D., McGunnigle, C., Treasure. T. & Davie. S. (2014) Teachers who care and carers who educate. Professional status issues and differences in pay and conditions are resulting in a tale of division within our Early Childhood Community. ICERI: Seville ISBN 978-84-617-2484-0

O'Connor, D., McGunnigle, C., Treasure. T. & Davie. S. (2014) Shall we play us and them or all together now? Leadership opportunities for cohesiveness and unity within a fractured Western Australian Early Childhood Education Sector. ICERI: Seville ISBN 978-84-617-2484-0

O'Connor, D., McGunnigle,C., Treasure. T. & Davie. S. (2014) We are all Educators...Or are we? Changes in Perceptions of the Childcare Sector by Australian Pre-Service Teachers following Professional Exposure to Educational Practice within Childcare Settings. EduLearn: Barcelona ISBN 978-84-617-0557-3
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