Bachelor of Health & Physical Education

Health researchers have identified that physical inactivity is a critical risk factor contributing to ill health in Australia. This degree aims to provide essential knowledge, practical skills and leadership qualities to individuals who want to improve the health, well-being and physical literacy of young people in our community through health and physical education. It aims to create graduates who are reflective practitioners with problem-solving skills, who enjoy working with children and young people and are leaders with the ability to influence and teach others how to manage their health through physical activity.

The Bachelor of Health and Physical Education degree options are designed to develop teachers with a specialist theoretical and practical knowledge of physical education and health, integrated with studies of Education. Students develop their teaching skills through a comprehensive teaching practice program each year in primary schools (Primary degree), and secondary schools (Secondary degree).

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CourseBachelor of Health & Physical Education
Duration4 years full-time
Practicum1080 hrs
Year 12 Subjects
ATAR English, ATAR Human Biology, ATAR Mathematics Applications, Health Studies and /or Physical Education Studies
Study ModeFull-time, Part-time
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Career Opportunities
Career opportunities for Bachelor of Health & Physical Education graduates are diverse and include the following:
  • health and physical education specialist teacher – primary and/or secondary school level
  • health education consultant (with specialisation studies)
  • health education coordinator (with specialisation studies)
Outline of Studies
The philosophical approach of the program at Notre Dame includes a strong commitment to best practice in achieving a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and the importance of early education for a healthy lifestyle. The multidisciplinary four-year degree draws on biological science, social science and education. The degree reflects current educational theory and practice. Students can choose to undertake a degree with either a Primary or Secondary education focus and specialise in a second teaching area, such as Society and Environment, Mathematics or Science. Graduates of this course will have enhanced skills enabling them to teach in schools or community programs, with groups and individuals of all ages and abilities.