School of Law Alumni

As a past student of The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Law you are a valued member of our vibrant alumni community.

Please keep in touch by attending the events for alumni listed below, sending your most up to date contact information and emailing any news about your recent achievements in a personal or professional capacity to With your permission we will include your news in the School of Law Alumni newsletter.

Alumni Newsletter

The School of Law releases its special newsletter for alumni, Ex Post Facto, twice a year.
Read volume 3, number two of Ex Post Facto
Read volume 3, number one of Ex Post Facto
Read volume 2, number one of Ex Post Facto
Read volume 1, number three of Ex Post Facto
Read volume 1, number two of Ex Post Facto
Read the inaugural version of Ex Post Facto

School of Law (Fremantle Campus) Alumni Advisory Committee

The School of Law (Fremantle Campus) has an Alumni Advisory Committee that meets every few months to discuss alumni issues (e.g. alumni events) and various other matters that pertain to the Law School (e.g. upcoming alumni events and scholarships for current students). The Committee is comprised of alumni and current staff. The current members of the Committee are:

Professor Doug Hodgson
Laura Fitzgerald
Ross Fletcher
Anna Rose Heenan
Toby Hicks
Lisa Jarvis
Bree Ludlow
Chris Mulley
Phillip Paul
Associate Professor Jane Power

To receive email updates regarding this event, send your current email address to