Staff of the School of Law, Fremantle

Professor Joan Squelch Mr Brent Scafidas Dr Lara Pratt
Professor Joan Squelch
Phone: 9433 0720
Assistant Dean
Mr Brent Scafidas
Phone: 9433 0726
Assistant Dean
Dr Lara Pratt
Phone: 9433 0956

Academic Staff

Staff Member

Position Phone
Mr Jacques Duvenhage Lecturer9433 0975
Prof. Philip Evans Professor9433 0720
Mr Tomas Fitzgerald Senior Lecturer 9433 0968
Ms Laura Fitzgerald Senior Lecturer 9433 0760
Ms Justine Howard Lecturer 9433 0724
Ms Nanâ Howard Senior Lecturer 9433 0953
Mr Adam Jardine Lecturer 9433 0788
Ms Lisa Jarvis Senior Lecturer 9433 0729
Mr Chris Mulley Lecturer 9433 0613
Dr Jane Power Associate Professor 9433 0732
Ms Chinelle van der Westhuizen Lecturer/Tutor 9433 0727

Sessional / Adjunct Staff

Members of the legal profession who are affiliated with the School of Law and/or lecture on a sessional basis.
Dr Ben Clarke Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Gerry Cleveland Associate Professor
Mr Greg McIntyre QC Professor, Indigenous Law
Mary McComish Adjunct Professor
Mr Marshall McKenna Professor
Tom McPhee Sessional Lecturer
The Hon Justice Neville Owen Adjunct Professor of Law
Mr Tony Power Professor

To contact Sessional staff, please direct your query to Law Reception
on 9433 0720 or in the first instance

Administrative Staff

Ms Leah Cammell Senior Administrative Officer 9433 0728
Ms Pam Meehan Administrative Officer 9433 0741
Mrs Tina Stothard Administrative Officer 9433 0971
Lauranne Swinnen Administrative Assistant 9433 0720

Craven Law Library Staff

Ms Anne Greenshields Law Liaison Librarian 9433 0600
Mrs Carol Rysdyk Library Technician 9433 0744
Mrs Janice Brennan Library Technician 9433 0740
Mrs Mary-Ann Anderson Senior Library Technician 9433 0743