Why study Law?

Why study Law at Notre Dame?

  • The Notre Dame curriculum was designed by leading members of the Western Australian legal profession and judiciary.
  • Notre Dame law programs are highly practical and produce industry-ready graduates.
  • Teaching is conducted in small classes where there is an opportunity for interaction with the lecturers and other students in every class.
  • The courses contain an emphasis on ethics and service to the community.
  • There are opportunities for students to study abroad.

The study of Law can be a gateway to many exciting career prospects which include not only the practice of law, but also careers in finance, banking, media, public service and international affairs. The Bachelor of Laws at Notre Dame is a fully accredited Australian law degree, permitting graduates to seek admission to the legal profession after the completion of an articled clerkship or an accredited practical legal training program.

The Bachelor of Laws degree does not limit graduates to a career in law. Many employers see the qualification as a very good broad degree and excellent training for a wide variety of careers. To read about the career opportunities that some of UNDA's alumni enjoy, please visit our alumni profiles page.