Clinical Practicum

Students at the University of Notre Dame, Australia (UNDA) undertake a minimum of 1120 hours of clinical practicum in a variety of clinical settings throughout the 3 year nursing program. This equates to between a 4 to 6 week placement twice a year.  Placements are full time and shifts worked cover the am, pm and nightshift across the seven day week. 

This provides students with a ‘reality of practice’ to work as a registered nurse in the health care team. Students are supported throughout their placement by the nursing staff in the work area and the university clinical supervisor.

The Clinical Placements Team

The Clinical Placements Team primary role is the placement and management of undergraduate nursing students on clinical practicum. The Clinical Placement Team for the Fremantle campus comprises of five staff members: 4 nursing and 2 administrative.

Students are required to contact their year coordinator (as highlighted below) regarding any questions for clinical practicum. Facilities are asked to contact Ria Bennell, who if unable to answer your query, will be able to transfer your call to the appropriate person.

Any enquires regarding the nursing program is kindly directed to the UNDA prospective students office.

Chris Adams
(08) 9433 0183
Lecturer/Clinical Placements Coordinator (NSP310, NSP320)
Corinne Kusel
(08) 9433 0684
Lecturer/Clinical Placements Officer (NSP110)
Lisa O’Callaghan
(08) 9433 0502
Lecturer/Clinical Placements Officer (NSP120)
Suzanne Partigliani
(08) 9433 0111
Lecturer/Clinical Placements Officer (NSP210, NSP220)
Wendy Mrsa
(08) 9433 0292
Clinical Administration Officer
Ria Bennell
(08) 9433 0260
Clinical Administration Officer