Dr Glenn Morrison
BEc (Macquarie), B. Theol (Hons), Theol. M (Melbourne College of Divinity),
PhD (Australian Catholic University), Grad. Cert. Uni. Teach. (UNDA)

Associate Professor – Systematic Theology

Email: glenn.morrison@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0146

Dr Morrison holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University. He has gained a Bachelor of Theology with honours in Philosophy and a Masters in Theology whilst studying at Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne. He completed his doctoral studies in Systematic Theology and Continental Thought at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne where he has also held a lecturing position. Dr. Morrison has published in journals such as The Heythrop Journal, Irish Theological Quarterly, the Journal of Ecumenical Studies and the Australian eJournal of Theology. His research interests include Trinitarian Theology, the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar, the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, Judaism, Interfaith Relations and Pastoral Theology. In the Fall Semester of 2012, Dr. Morrison was visiting professor at the University of Portland, Oregon where he taught in the Master of Arts and Pastoral Ministry Program (MAPM). From 2011-15 he has been on the executive for the Council of Christians and Jews Western Australia, and in 2013 was elected as Chairperson.

In 2013, Dr. Morrison's book, A Theology of Alterity: Levinas, von Balthasar and Trinitarian Praxis will be published with Duquesne University Press. The book engages Emmanuel Levinas' philosophy with Hans Urs von Balthasar's theology as a means to develop a language of alterity (or otherness) for theology in a variety of contexts: paschal mystery, Trinity, eschatology, Paul's encounter of the risen Christ, emotions, mental health, forgiveness, film, Jewish-Christian friendship, and living at the margins of life.
Teaching Areas
Systematic Theology and Pastoral Theology
Research Expertise and Supervision
Systematic Theology, Continental Thought, Pastoral Theology
Supervision (completed): 1 Doctor of Pastoral Studies; 2 MATS; 2 Master of Theology; 1 Master of Professional Research
Supervision (current): 1 Doctor of Philosophy; 1 Master of Theology
Currently Enrolled
Doctor of Philosophy
Jim Cregan, The Garden of Eden and Christian
Identity: Symbol, Myth and Narrative in the
Gospel of John
Master of Theology

Jonathon Bergmann, The Decline of Sacramental Theology and Practice in the Modern Evangelical Church, and its effects on the future of communion and baptism.

Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Rev. John Smith, "The Ecclesiology of the TEAM Training Programme and its role in the mission of the Anglican Church in Western Australia," 2007.
Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Richard Mavros, "Towards a theological understanding of overseas mission in the Edmund Rice Tradition," 2009.

Doctor of Pastoral Studies
Rev. Matthew Brain, "A Pauline approach to the transmission of faith to Generation Y: Come with me as I tell you the way," 2010.

Master of Theology Andrew Broadbent, Mission as Transformation: The Theology of Lesslie Newbigin and TEAR Australia

Master of Theology Jim Cregan, Water as Blessing: Recovering the Symbolism of the Garden of Eden through Ezekiel for Christian Theology – a Theological Investigation
(Received an APA scholarship for his PhD)

Master of Professional Research Mark Shaw, "A theological investigation into the perceptions of Catholic health care in Perth," 2010.


Research and engagement

A Theology of Alterity: Levinas, von Balthasar and Trinitarian Praxis. Pittsburgh PA: Duquesne University Press, 2013.
Book Chapters
“St. Paul and the Resurrection Effect: Phenomenological and Pastoral Soundings” in Ormerod, Neil and Robert Gascoigne, eds. Priest, Poet and Theologian: Essays in Honour of Anthony Kelly CSsR. Preston, Vic: Mosaic Press, 2013, 22-38.

“Good Teaching, Spirituality and the Challenge of Encountering Cultural Difference in Australia” in Abe Ata, ed. Catholics and Catholicism in Australia: challenges and achievements. Kew East VIC: David Lovell Publishing, 2012, 183-193.

Abe Ata and Glenn Morrison, “Opting for an Eschatological Interpretation of Interfaith Marriages” in Abe Ata, Us and Them: Observations on Interfaith Relations and Cultural Harmony in Australia. Bowen Hills, Qld: Australian Academic Press, June 2009, pp. 173-178.

“Renewing Christian Theology with Levinas: Towards a Trinitarian Praxis” in Burggraeve, Roger, ed. The Awakening of Meaning: A Provocative Dialogue with Levinas. Leuven: Peeters, 2008, 137-160.

“The (im)possibilities of Levinas for Christian Theology: the search for a language of alterity” in De Tavernier, J., Selling, J. Verstraeten and P. Schotsmans, eds, Festschrift Roger Burggraeve: Responsibility, God and Society. Theological Ethics in Dialogue. Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium, 217. Leuven: Peeters, 2008, 103-122.
Journal Articles and Proceedings
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Conference Papers
“The (im)possibilities of Levinas for Christian Theology”. Paper presented at the International Conference Responsibility, God and Society. Theological Ethics in Dialogue, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, May 7-10, 2008.

“Pastoral Care and Counselling: Towards a Post-Metaphysical Theology of Friendship”. Paper presented at the APTO (The Association for Practical Theology in Oceania) Conference, Auckland, November 3-5, 2006.

“Ethics at the Margins of Life: Encountering the Other. Paper presented at the ANZATS.ANZSTS Conference, The Peril of Christianising Jesus: Faith, Culture & Conflict, Perth, 4-8 July, 2005.

“Re-Thinking Cosmology Ethically and Theologically in the Light of Emmanuel Lévinas’ Phenomenology of Evil”. Paper presented at the CTNS Creation and Complexity Workshop, Canberra, January 25-30, 2002.
Original Creative Works
Book Reviews:
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Newsletter Articles:
  • "Interfaith Dialogue and Transcendence: Being face-to-face". Council of Christian and Jews Western Australia Newsletter 5774 Shevat (January 2014): 1.
  • "Ageing and Interfaith Dialogue: storytelling and the beginning of the wisdom of love". Council of Christian and Jews Western Australia Newsletter 5775 Shevat (January 2015): 1.
Professional Affiliations
2011- 2015 The Council of Christians and Jews Western Australia. 2013-Present, Chairperson
2006-Current APTO – The Association for Practical Theology in Oceania
2000-Current ACTA – Australian Catholic Theological Association
2003-2004 The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria)
Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) for the PhD at Australian Catholic University.