Dr Laura D'Olimpio
PhD Ph, B A (Hons), Ph, BA maj. Eng. and Phil,
Post-Graduate Cert. Presenting Research., Post-Graduate Cert Research Skills

Lecturer - Philosophy & Ethics

Email: laura.dolimpio@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0143

Dr Laura D’Olimpio lectures in philosophy and ethics at The University of Notre Dame Australia. She completed her PhD in Philosophy at The University of Western Australia. Her Thesis, entitled “The Moral Possibilities of Mass Art”, examines the moral impact of mass artworks, particularly film, in society. Her research areas include aesthetics and ethics, philosophy and education and moral philosophy. Laura runs courses in ethics, aesthetics and philosophy and literature for UWA Extension. She is the President of the Association for Philosophy in Schools (APIS W.A. Inc.) and has been Chief Facilitator for the annual Hale School Philosothon since its inception in 2006.