Tuition Fees, Loans and Scholarships

Notre Dame is committed to making all of its courses affordable and accessible. This is reflected in its fee structure.

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs)/HECS-HELP

Australian citizens have access to the Commonwealth Government's HELP loan schemes and may choose to pay their tuition fees upfront or,
if they receive a CSP, are eligible to defer their fees onto a HECS- HELP (HECS) loan. The fees for CSPs are set by the Commonwealth Government, not the University. Permanent residents are eligible for Commonwealth rates but not for the payment discount or the loan. These students must make a full upfront payment of their tuition fees.

Subject to the availability of places, HECS is expected to be offered to most commencing students enrolling in the following courses at Notre Dame:

  • Biomedical Science
  • Education (pre-service undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Medicine (graduate entry)
  • Nursing (undergraduate)
  • Physiotherapy (undergraduate)

If any HECS places remain unallocated following distribution to the above courses they will be applied to one or more of the following areas;

  • Behavioural Science
  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Preventive Health

If no HECS places are available, eligible students will still be able to access assistance through the Government's FEE-HELP loan option.

Tertiary Pathway Program and Foundation Year

The Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP) and the Foundation Year program (FY) are available through the Academic Enabling and Support Centre.

The TPP is generally available to Australian citizens at no cost, subject to the availability of places. Otherwise the fee is $ 4,191 (2016).

The Education, Nursing and Health Sciences streams within the Foundation Year program are generally available to Australian citizens at no cost, subject to the availability of places. The Arts and Sciences and Business streams do have a cost involved. The indicative fee is $9,913 to $10,582 according to the stream.

It may be possible to defer these costs on a FEE-HELP place for Australian Citizens, meaning no upfront cost for tuition fees.

Undergraduate Student Fees

In courses where CSPs are not available, Australian citizens enrolled in a degree or diploma course can defer payment of their fees by accessing the Commonwealth Government's FEE-HELP loan scheme. As with HECS-HELP, the FEE-HELP loan scheme allows Australian citizens in fee paying courses to borrow the tuition fees from the Government. FEE-HELP students in these programs incur a Commonwealth 25% surcharge on each unit.

Graduate-entry Law (LLB) and Graduate-entry Medicine (MBBS) are undergraduate programs and, as a consequence, FEE-HELP students in these programs do incur the Commonwealth 25% surcharge