Pathways to Medicine

AIDA 2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students are able to apply for entry into medicine at Notre Dame, Fremantle via:

The Standard Entry Pathway:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can apply for entry to medicine via the GEMSAS process. Details are available on the University website.


The Aboriginal Entry Pathway:
The SoMF provides an alternative entry pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Interested students will need to complete the Application For Entry Into Medicine at 
The University Of Notre Dame Australia (for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People) application form.

The Application for Entry into Medicine (for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People) can be found here:

This form needs to be submitted along with evidence of prior educational achievement such as their undergraduate degree or academic transcript.

Prospective students will be interviewed by members of the Aboriginal Health Team as a part of the application and entry process.

Entry Criteria:
Based on the submitted application, prior academic achievement and outcome of a structured interview.

Preparation Course:
The Aboriginal Health Team runs a one week intensive Premedicine preparation program in December for commencing Aboriginal students.

For further information:
Contact – Denise Groves or David Paul.

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