Masses at Notre Dame

Mass is celebrated everyday in the Holy Spirit Chapel, except Saturday. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mass has a particular focus for a number of groups.

Daily Mass
Mass is celebrated from Monday to Friday in the Holy Spirit Chapel at 12.35PM. Daily Mass at Notre Dame is always open to anyone wishing to attend.

Monday Mass is dedicated to our Notre Dame University Volunteers.

Wednesday School and Division Masses
Throughout the thirteen weeks of each semester, one Mass each week is hosted by the various Schools and Divisions of the University. This occurs during the regular 12.35PM Mass time and is usually on Wednesday. These Masses are hosted by the Schools and Divisions but they are offered to the entire Notre Dame community.

Friday UNITAS Mass
UNITAS is a student group within the Notre Dame Student Association. The group welcomes all students who wish to pursue and engage in issues concerning faith. Each Friday, UNITAS gathers for the 12.35PM Mass. This Mass is open to anyone who wishes to attend and it is a way to meet with the members of UNITAS and see who they are.

Sunday Evening Mass
Mass is celebrated every Sunday evening at 6PM. Any person who wishes to attend is very welcome. The community that gathers to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist includes students involved in the Study Abroad Programme of the University and residents of Fremantle and beyond.