How to Prepare Mass

In preparing your Mass there are a few things that need to be organised. Please approach Fr Andrew if you need help with any of these tasks. The following tasks need to be completed:

  1. Give special attention to Inviting the staff and students of your Division, School or Office to your Mass.
  2. Offer a general invitation to all staff.
  3. You have been allotted a particular Wednesday during the semester as your day for hosting Mass. The Mass of that Wednesday will be used. This provides the readings etc that will be used.
  4. You could suggest an intention for the Mass. For example, you may like to invite everyone to remember a specific issue, person or event during the Mass. Fr Andrew can clarify this point if necessary.
  5. You will need to select persons to take on the following roles:
    • Reader(s) for the first reading and the responsorial psalm.
    • It is best to ask someone from your Division, School or Office to write no more than five prayers of the faithful (Intercessions). These are prayers that ask God to hear our requests. They focus on the needs of the Church, the University community and our individual needs. An example can be obtained from Fr Andrew.
    • A person to read the Prayers of the Faithful.
    • One or two persons to bring forward the gifts of bread and wine during the Preparation of the Gifts.
    • One or two persons to act as Special Ministers of the Eucharist. This role requires that they have completed the training programme for this.

Suggestions concerning music:

It is best to use live music rather than recorded music. There are staff members who are willing to help with this. If you do not know someone, contact Fr Andrew. It is most appropriate that your selected music is suitable for Mass, which means it needs to be of a religious nature. The most appropriate times to include music are:

  • Gathering Hymn.
  • Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation.
  • It is suitable to include a short hymn or piece of instrumental music during the Preparation of the Gifts as the bread and wine are brought forward.
  • Eucharistic Acclamations: Holy Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen and Lamb of God.
  • Communion Hymn.
  • Final Hymn. You may choose to complete the remaining verses of the gathering hymn.