Month of Remembrance

November is traditionally the month in which the Church remembers Her dead, and in a special way we are invited to remember our family and friends who have died, especially those who have passed in the previous year.

The Month of Remembrance commences on November 1st with All Saints Day, which is a feast that is celebrated by the Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and Anglican Churches.
This is then followed on November 2nd by All Souls Day, where we remember the dead of all faiths, of all times.
Here at Notre Dame, in the lead up to November, we invite you to record the names of your family and friends who have died in the past year, so that as a community we might remember them in our prayers.
Please enter the details of your loved ones below or visit the Holy Spirit Chapel and write their names down in our book of remembrance.

Into your hands, Father of mercies, we commend our loved ones in the sure and certain hope that, together with all who have died in Christ, they will rise with him on the last day.

Merciful Lord, turn toward us and listen to our prayers:
open the gates of paradise to your servants and help us who remain to comfort one another with assurances of faith, until we all meet in Christ
and are with you and with our brothers and sisters for ever.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.