Bible Study

The Chaplaincy’s Bible study for Semester 2 of 2017 will be on the Gospel of John.

The Bible study will take place from weeks 2 to 9 and will be held in room NDS1/104 (St John’s Room), which is located in the Presbytery next to St Benedict’s Church.

You have a choice of one of the following four time-slots at Broadway:

Monday 3-4pm
Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm
Wednesday 10-11am
Thursday 10-11am
Friday 1-2pm

Staff and students interested in a Bible study at Darlinghurst are encouraged to contact the Chaplaincy on the email address below so that we can work out the best time.

Each Bible study will be comprised of a beginning period of prayer, then a reading of the passage assigned for that week, then a time of discussion and reflection. They will be led by one of the following leaders: Fr James Baxter, Peter Holmes, Kevin Wagner, Sr Moira Debono RSM, and Natalie Ambrose.

All staff and students are welcome.

To register, please email indicating your preferred time-slot.