Theology on Tap - FAQs

What is the purpose of Theology on Tap?

TOT’s purpose is provide young adults (between the ages of 18 - 35 years) with an opportunity to connect with others in a casual and fun setting whilst listening to a bit of food for thought over some theology ‘on tap’. It’s a great way for anyone to explore themes related to the Catholic faith in a fun and casual environment. We host a variety of talks by both religious and lay speakers to encourage thoughtful and reasoned discussions and a deeper understanding of the faith.

What's the best way to get there?

Le Pub is nestled underground on the corner of King St & George Street. For directions on how to get there via public transport and tips on where to park if you’re driving in, head to the “How the get there” link to the right.

I'm over the age of 35, can I still come along?

While we would love to open the talks to people of all ages, TOT has a specific focus on young adults. That’s why we follow the World Youth Day age range of 18 - 35 years. If you’d like to listen to any past events, the audio and video is always uploaded to our site for viewing soon after.

What about if I am a priest or religious?

Priests and religious of all ages are very much encouraged to come along - we want you here! ‘Dress code’ doesn't need to change, collars and habits are still the best wear. Besides, we’ve heard that those dressed in their identifiable gear tend to get their dinner orders served quicker ;)

Isn't it wrong to discuss religion in a pub with alcohol?

Not at all! Catholics are supposed to bring the Gospel to wherever young people are: which in our case, is in a pub! TOT aims to discuss the teachings of the Catholic Church in a reason-based way in a non-threatening, comfortable environment, and the pub – with good food and good wine (all in moderation, of course) is certainly such a place to start. Besides, no great story ever started with someone eating a salad!

When did it begin?

Theology on Tap (TOT) originally began in a small Irish Pub in Drummoyne, PJ Gallagher’s, mid-year of 2007. After having outgrown this venue within the space of 4 months, it moved to a much larger ‘sibling’ PJ Gallagher’s pub in Parramatta in the year of World Youth Day, 2008. This year saw the largest turnout of TOT attendees with over a thousand people cramming themselves into all spaces of the venue to hear Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, the then Archbishop of Denver, now Philadelphia speak. After spending a number of years in Parramatta, moving pubs once more to The Commercial Hotel to accommodate the growing crowds, it now returns back to the Archdiocese of Sydney where it originally began. It is now being hosted in Le Pub, one of the Gallagher Hotels.

Why should I come along?

Because it is a great way to meet new people, learn about the Catholic faith in a different way and to be inspired by the words and answers of leading figures in the public square. If you are a Catholic, it will provide you with an opportunity to mix with other young adults who share the same beliefs and to proceed to deepen your knowledge of the faith. For non-Catholics, it is a great way to understand the reasons why Catholics believe what they believe.

I'm not Catholic, can I still come along?

Of course! While the talks are on issues of the Catholic faith, we think anyone and everyone from other Christian denominations, other faiths or of no faiths at all to come along to our events.

What time should I get there?

It's best to be there by 6:30pm. The ‘talk’ part of the evening usually kicks off around 7pm and is wrapped up by 8pm.

I heard there's a facebook group?

There is! Theology on Tap has its own Facebook page which has over a couple thousand fans and counting! To check out the group and follow it, click here.