Non-Award Study Options at Notre Dame

Alternative ways in which people can immerse themselves in the Notre Dame experience is by becoming an Audit or Not-For-Degree Student. Both options are available in a range of Courses on offer.

For Audit Study

Audit Students sit in on lectures and tutorials but do not undertake assignments, examinations nor receive academic credit for their attendance. They are not required to fulfil the University’s normal admissions requirements and only need complete an Audit Enrolment Form. Audit Study can be taken at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. The cost of Audit Study is 75% of the normal Unit cost plus GST.

There is a wide range of offerings for Audit including but not limited to the following areas of study:

Aboriginal Studies Environmental Science
Behavioural Science Legal Studies Commerce Philosophy and Ethics Communications and Media     Politics & International Relations English Literature Social Justice Health SciencesTheatre Studies History Theology and Pastoral Studies

Not-For Degree Study

Not-For-Degree Students on the other hand attend lectures, participate in tutorials, undertake assessments and receive academic credit but do not necessarily plan to complete a full-length Degree. Students may choose this option in order to update their skills in a particular area or to ‘test the waters’ before undertaking a Degree. Not-For-Degree Students must meet the University’s normal admission requirements and pay the full cost of any Units they enrol in.

Not-For-Degree Students may apply to study in most course areas (the notable exceptions are Nursing, Medicine and Physiotherapy), but their enrolment will be subject to approval from the relevant Dean of the School that teaches the Units.

Please follow this link for application information: