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The University of Notre Dame Australia employs staff for academic, administrative and student support purposes. It has over seven hundred employees (full time, fractional and sessional) spread across its three campuses. The University takes great pride in the quality of its staff. The University seeks to employ staff who understand and enthusiastically support its Objects, and have the skill, experience, qualifications, drive and persistence to pursue them. The University aims to recruit outstanding people, and to give them every opportunity to experience a high level of work satisfaction. The University expects its staff to be committed to excellence, to be creative, resourceful, self initiating, and caring of each other and their students. It hopes staff will take great pride in their membership of the unique Notre Dame community.

Staffing Office

The Staffing Office is located at both the Fremantle and Sydney campuses and supports staff recruitment, induction, training and reviews for all three campuses.

Information for Sessional Staff

   Staffing Office, Fremantle Campus
   Phone: 08 9433 0643
Staffing Office, Sydney Campus
Phone: 02 8204 4424