Scholarship to help education student to become inspirational teacher

Ann-Maree Maunder has received a $5000 scholarship from
Teachers Mutual Bank for her commitment to the teaching vocation.

11 March 2014

The dream of becoming an inspirational, world-class teacher has been boosted for University of Notre Dame Australia student Ann-Maree Maunder thanks to a $5,000 scholarship.

The Bachelor of Education (Religious Education) student from the School of Education Sydney was recently awarded a Future Teacher Scholarship from Teachers Mutual Bank for her commitment to the teaching vocation.

Ann-Maree was inspired to become a teacher after seeing first-hand the struggles of children growing up with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. She would like to inspire her future students, whether they are traditional or non-traditional learners, to believe in themselves and their ability to pursue any avenue for their future.

The scholarship will help Ann-Maree to purchase additional resources for her degree and will complement her work as a tutor and strong desire to perform well in her field.

"This scholarship removes a big financial burden. I can now focus more on my studies and becoming the best teacher I can be," Ann-Maree says.

As part of her application for the scholarship, Ann-Marie had to share why she believes teaching is more than a job.

"A teacher is the key to opening and fostering the wonderful minds of students and enabling them to identify their strengths and reach their full potential," Ann-Maree says.

Ann-Maree aspires to become a primary school teacher. On completion of her Bachelor of Education (Religious Education) at Notre Dame, she will be qualified to do so within Catholic, independent and government schools.

"Ann-Maree is an example of the industry-ready, committed and compassionate teachers we train at Notre Dame. Her passion for the vocation of teaching will serve her well in the future," Dean of the School of Education Sydney, Professor Marguerite Maher says.

"We would like to thank Teacher's Mutual Bank for sharing our commitment to developing great teachers and assisting Ann-Maree in her studies."

Excellence in teacher education is a tradition at Notre Dame. The focus of the School of Education Sydney is to produce industry-ready graduates within a context of Catholic faith and values.

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