Notre Dame students' flash mob routine applauded by Lance Holt students

Notre Dame and Lance Holt School students combine for a pose during the Flash Mob routine.

11 April 2014

The University of Notre Dame Australia's second year Health & Physical Education students from the Fremantle Campus developed and performed a Flash Mob for primary school students from Lance Holt School, located in Fremantle's West End, on Friday 28 March 2014.

Notre Dame students jumped, twirled, posed and improvised during the three minute routine – a considerable achievement for some who may have never danced or performed in a group environment.

A creation of Health Sciences Tutor, Sian Chapman, the focus of the Flash Mob was to develop dance knowledge and understandings in the Notre Dame students, and to explore creativity and individuality in the Lance Holt students. It is part of a course of study for second year Health & Physical Education students which focuses on dance as a performing art.

The initiative was developed as part of an ongoing working relationship between Lance Holt School and Notre Dame, which has grown over the past 10 years. The main area of collaboration is through the Fundamental Skills Program – a course which develops lesson planning, classroom management and reflection practices in first year Health & Physical Education students.

This unique program is highlighting dance as an art that is boosting creativity, individuality, social skills, and delivering confidence to primary school children, and further developing teaching ability in university students.

"A Flash Mob is a very informal performance where the unsuspecting public becomes an audience. The wonderful Lance Holt students were our 'unsuspecting public', chosen because our students had already established a good relationship with the School and its students," Ms Chapman said.

"Not only did the Notre Dame students perform, they then taught aspects of the choreography to the Lance Holt students creating a joint performance piece. Their ability to teach in a small group environment and then put their thoughts into practice on 'stage' are tangible and valuable learning outcomes for their future careers."

Students studying Health & Physical Education at Notre Dame will use these skills for further benefit in Semester 2, working with special needs students from Corpus Christi and John XXIII College as part of the unit 'Adaptive and Inclusive Physical Education'.

"Working closely with Lance Holt has been a rewarding experience. Dance enables people of all ages to think creatively. Seeing the Lance Holt students perform the movements with assistance from Notre Dame's Health & Physical Education students was such a warming and enjoyable feeling," student, Sarah Ovens, said.

"Having this experience enables us to work with students in safe environments and provide us with opportunities to apply our knowledge in real-life situations."

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