Excellence in academic work, teaching and service recognised at Notre Dame

Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond with Associate Professor Dianne Chambers (School of Education, Fremantle Campus), winner of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching.
Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond with Aerin Newton-Creemers, winner of the University Medal.

20 March 2015

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus celebrated the outstanding academic achievements of its students and staff in 2014 at the annual Awards Ceremony held in the Tannock Hall of Education on Wednesday 18 March 2015.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond, acknowledged the award recipients and their strong intellect, capacity for academic excellence and inherent capacity for love and compassion.

“These gifts are wonderful and we are delighted to have such gifted people in our community, but, we are not rewarding you for having these gifts. What we are recognising and rewarding here tonight is what you have done with your gifts,” Professor Hammond said.

“Always remember that you have been blessed with the gifts given to you – and it is your duty and privilege to do the best that you can with them. Awards and medals gather dust; money is spent – but the consequences of you using your gifts and talents for good, while often intangible, are not limited to this time and this place: and this is the best reward of all.”

Bachelor of Biomedical Science graduate and current Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery student, Aerin Newton-Creemers, received the University’s highest academic award – the University Medal. The Medal is reserved for the highest achieving student to graduate from an undergraduate course on the Fremantle Campus in 2014. Aerin was also one of the three recipients of the Vice Chancellor’s Medal for Undergraduate Studies in the School of Health Sciences for 2014.

The Vice Chancellor’s Postgraduate Medal is presented to the highest achieving full-time postgraduate student across all schools on the Fremantle Campus in 2014. This year’s medal was presented to Master of Professional Accounting student, Gerard Wong.

Nine commencing students were awarded for their outstanding academic achievements in Year 12 with Academic Merit Scholarships, made possible by the generosity of private donors.

Associate Professor Dianne Chambers from the School of Education, Fremantle Campus, was presented with the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching. She was recognised for her undergraduate teaching in the area of children with special needs and assistive technology, with her endeavours being recognised locally, nationally and internationally in the field of special needs education.

Dianne’s numerous peer reviewed conference presentations, significant number of peer reviewed journal articles and consultancy work with UNESCO as well as constant professional development work for teachers ensures she disseminates research findings that inform best practice for teaching at many levels.

Her peers at the School of Education, Fremantle Campus have described her as an exemplary member of Notre Dame’s academic staff who is collaborative, collegial and generous.

“I feel very honoured to be the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award. I wish I could give the award to everyone in the School of Education, as I think they all deserve recognition of the great job that they do every day,” Associate Professor Dianne Chambers said.

The University also recognises students’ outstanding service to the University and to the wider community through the Service Awards. This year’s recipients were Sarah Koelsch (Archbishop Foley Award); Victoria Camp (Br Gerald T Faulkner Award); Vicky Burrows (Helen Lombard Award); and Emily Hamilton Watkins (Saint Mary MacKillop Award).

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