Climate Change will see an explosion of the fire-breathing creatures

Dr Edward Waters

Notre Dame students may like to consider dragon-slaying as a career choice – with dragons no longer to be dismissed as the stuff as legend and fantasy – so says Notre Dame academic Dr Edward Waters. His research published today in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, says climate change will see an explosion of the fire-breathing creatures.

Playing on the temperature dependent metabolism of reptiles, Dr Waters and co-authors Dr Andrew Hamilton, from The University of Melbourne and Federation University Australia, and Lord Robert May, Baron of Oxford, say the effects of increasing temperatures on dragons may see them found in numbers unseen since the medieval era. The paper also comes with a caution that fire-breathing dragons have been known to favour knights as a food source with a recommendation that countries, like Australia, avoid honourific titles to avoid attracting the attention of hungry dragon hatchlings. The paper was released in Nature today, April Fool’s Day 2015. To discover more find the full article at: