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Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond with Vice Chancellor’s Award recipient, Marco Ianniello, and Mena Goubran 2015 President of the Student Association of the University of Notre Dame Australia

21 May 2015

Excellence in teaching practices and learning outcomes has seen Marco Ianniello awarded the Vice Chancellor's Award for Initiatives that Enhance Student Learning at The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus.

The Prestigious award was presented to Mr Ianniello by the University's Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond, and Mena Goubran, President of the University's Student Association at the Academic Awards Ceremony this week.

Mr Ianniello, from the School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney, received the award for his innovative application of problem-based learning models in the Film and Screen Production program.

Professor Hammond said a distinctive feature of Mr Ianniello's approach was the use of assessment tasks that mirrored the methods and work flows of a professional screen production team.

"This creates a learning environment that reinforces the skills and discipline required for creative work in the film and screen production and adds a layer of industry-style accountability and professionalism that students will take into their working life," she said.

The School of Arts & Sciences Acting Dean, Dr Angus Brook, said Mr Ianniello's industry-oriented problem based learning design brought the University's Objects together by developing students' understanding of film industry expectations through authentic assessment; as well as delivering pastoral support, in a step-by-step approach that nurtured student development.

Mr Ianniello, Course Co-coordinator of the Bachelor of Communications and Media and Lecturer of Film and Screen Production, has been at the School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney since 2006.

Mr Ianniello said the problem-based learning models, incorporated into the curriculum from 2010, focused on collaborative learning and had significantly improved student engagement.

"One of the most exciting elements of my job is seeing the students take their stories from a seed of an idea to a completed film – and then sharing those stories in a cinema with their family, friends and the film community," Mr Ianniello said.

"This award is a great honour and a true reflection of a University that continues to value and support great teaching."

Mr Ianniello is also an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter having directed and produced six critically-acclaimed documentaries and written and directed two short dramas. He currently has a number of screenplays in development.

The Vice Chancellor's annual program of Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Supervision seeks to actively promote, recognise and reward high quality teaching practices and learning outcomes at The University of Notre Dame Australia.

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