Notre Dame welcomes Professor John Haldane

Professor John Haldane.

30 October 2015

One of the world’s foremost thinkers and a significant public intellectual within Catholic tradition, Professor John Haldane, has been appointed to a Visiting Professorship at The University of Notre Dame Australia within the School of Philosophy & Theology, for 2016.

The Associate Dean, School of Philosophy & Theology, Dr Angus Brook, said the School was privileged to have Professor Haldane in residence. He will teach a unit entitled The Good Society, its Nature and Foundations. The unit will cover philosophical arguments and analyses across the disciplines of political philosophy and ethics, and will explore pressing issues facing contemporary Western culture. Professor Haldane will also present a series of public lectures and seminars during his appointment to Notre Dame.

Dr Brook said Professor John Haldane was one of the world’s leading philosophers with research interests and extensive publications in the areas of Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Value, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, and Medieval Philosophy. “Professor Haldane coined the term ‘analytical Thomism’ in the early 1990s and is considered one of the leading thinkers in this contemporary trend of philosophical thought,” Dr Brook said. Students, academics and the public are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to study with Professor Haldane. The 13 week unit within the School of Philosophy & Theology runs in the evenings from Tuesday 23 February to Tuesday 24 May 2016. Professor Haldane will present two public lectures during his appointment to Notre Dame. They will be held on the Sydney Campus, Broadway, the first on March 17 2016, and a second lecture on Thursday May 12. Topics will be announced well in advance.

Professor Haldane holds the inaugural J. Newton Rayzor Distinguished Chair in Philosophy at Baylor University, USA. He is also Professor of Moral Philosophy and co-director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs in the University of St Andrews, Scotland; Visiting Professor in the Centre for Character and Virtues in the University of Birmingham, England; Permanent Research Fellow of the Center for Ethics and Culture, University of Notre Dame, USA, and Chair of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, London.

Professor Haldane’s outstanding career began with his education in Scotland, and at the University of the Arts London where he took a BA degree in Fine Art. At the University of London he gained a PGCE in Education and a BA and a PhD in Philosophy. While in London he taught for three years and was a visiting lecturer in the Architecture School of the University of Westminster, before taking up a position in the University of St Andrews in 1983.

This is Professor Haldane’s third visit to The University of Notre Dame Australia. In 2008, he participated in the Truth and Faith in Ethics conference, which also saw him debate Raimond Gaita at the Seymour Centre on the relationship between God and morality. In 2012, he gave a keynote address at the Tradition Conference and also debated the importance of tradition and freedom with Mark Kingwell that was broadcast live on ABC.

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