Notre Dame welcomes Professor Elaine Pavlos as new Nursing & Midwifery Dean in Fremantle

Professor Elaine Pavlos has been appointed as the new Dean of the
School of Nursing & Midwifery on Notre Dame’s Fremantle and Broome Campuses.

8 December 2015

Nurses, now more than ever, will need to see aspects of their profession in new ways, take on new information and make fresh clinical connections, according to Professor Elaine Pavlos, newly-appointed Dean of the School of Nursing & Midwifery in Fremantle and Broome.

Professor Pavlos brings more than 40 years of experience in nursing to Notre Dame, notwithstanding her current role as national Group Executive Programs Manager at St John of God Health Care.

She has previously been the Executive Director of Mercy Care Hospital and Health Services and was responsible for the handover of Mercy Hospital to the St John of God group.

Professor Pavlos says there are exciting opportunities available to students to manage and coordinate patient care across a range of settings.

“In my view, nurses of the future will need to challenge some of the things we think and know, and inspire others to accept new models of care that will include accessing and incorporating new technologies,” Professor Pavlos said.

“That being said, compassion is the most integral part of working within the Catholic health care tradition. When it comes to caring for patients and their families, this is the most essential skill that nurses require.”

Through her experience as Chief Executive Officer/Director of Nursing at Glengarry Hospital in Duncraig, Professor Pavlos said Notre Dame’s nurses displayed clinical and theoretical competence above their years. This is reflected through intensive practicum experiences totalling 1120 hours throughout the degree.

“On their practicum, Notre Dame students always look professional and are well prepared for being part of the clinical team,” Professor Pavlos said.

“The values Notre Dame Nursing students have help connect them to their caring purpose; this makes them exceptional students and exceptional nurses.”

Professor Pavlos said she was proud to join Notre Dame’s School of Nursing & Midwifery and hoped to continue the great work of its staff, past and present, in the training of highly regarded Registered Nurses.

“I hope I am part of a movement that encourages students to be generative learners and to experience the fun and joy of nursing. I want to help students connect to their caring purpose and support them to realise what an impact their way of ‘being’ has on the patients and families they care for,” Professor Pavlos said.

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