Exam success starts with Notre Dame’s ATAR Express

23 November 2016

Year 11 and 12 students can warm up their study skills these summer holidays with The University of Notre Dame Australia’s ATAR Express program.

Designed to equip Year 11 and 12 students with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to succeed in exams and in the classroom, Notre Dame’s ATAR Express workshops are offered in a number of learning areas including Mathematic Methods, Chemistry, English, Human Biology and Study Skills.

Students will not only gain significant insight into their subject of interest, giving them an edge for the school year ahead, but also master valuable approaches to study such as time and stress management, best study techniques and organisational skills.

All workshops are delivered by leaders in their fields, including academics from Notre Dame, in a personalised learning environment.

“Notre Dame is dedicated to providing our community of students, including those in secondary school, with academic opportunities,” Associate Professor Lisa Goldacre, Director of Pathways and VET at Notre Dame, said.

“Our school holiday programs are popular with students who are looking to ensure they are prepared for the demands and challenges associated with succeeding at secondary school. The ATAR Express program provides a foundation of knowledge which students can build upon as their academic year progresses. Notre Dame’s ATAR Express helps them achieve their goals and aspirations.

“Additionally, they get to experience student life at Notre Dame - one of the highest-rated universities in Western Australia and situated right in the heart of Fremantle’s historic West End, which is rewarding in itself.”

Calendar of Events

  • Year 12 ATAR Mathematic Methods (9-10 January)
  • Year 11 ATAR Chemistry (9-10 January)
  • Year 11 ATAR Mathematic Methods (11-12 January)
  • Year 12 ATAR Chemistry (11-12 January)
  • Year 11 and 12 Study Skills (13 or 20 January)
  • Year 11 ATAR English (16-17 January)
  • Year 12 ATAR Human Biology (16-17 January)
  • Year 12 ATAR English (18-19 January)
  • Year 11 ATAR Human Biology (18-19 January)

Registrations are encouraged before Monday 19 December 2016. For more information about each program and to register, please visit nd.edu.au/academic_support/outreach.

Leigh Dawson: Tel (08) 9433 0569; Mob 0405 441 093; leigh.dawson@nd.edu.au