Lithgow welcomes Notre Dame’s 2017 Medicine students

Final year medical students were welcomed to the Notre Dame campus by the Lithgow community and Notre Dame staff and Advisory Board Members.

3 February 2017

The 2017 cohort of Notre Dame’s Medicine students studying the University’s Rural Clinical School at Lithgow celebrated the beginning of their final year with a welcome barbecue this week.

The event, opened by Lithgow Mayor Stephen Leslie, was attended by students, staff and members of the Notre Dame The final year post graduate medical students were welcomed to Notre Dame campus by the Lithgow community.

Head of the Clinical School, Associate Professor John Dearin, said the Lithgow community had embraced the School since its establishment in 2011.

“The city of Lithgow has always been extraordinary in the way it has welcomed and supported our students, and I am proud to say our students have always given back as much as they have received," Professor Dearin said.

“We look forward to a great year with our students as they prepare themselves for Internship as young medical graduates in 2018.”

Final year student, Amy-Rose McCorkindale, said: “aside from the ample opportunity to develop our skills as aspiring doctors, we were excited to hear of the many activities available to immerse ourselves in country life.”

“From the Rydal show to beautiful hikes, our weekends are sure to be filled with variety. We left the dinner with stomachs full of wonderful food and excitement in anticipation for our time in Lithgow.”

The Clinical School has three permanent students and four students on rotation from the Sydney Campus each month who participate in the rural training program through the Lithgow Hospital as well as in General Practice.

Students also spend time at the Blue Mountains District Hospital and the Bathurst Base Hospital where they do a term in intensive care, surgery and anaesthetics.

The Lithgow Clinical School is the main base for the Rural Clinical Schools of the School of Medicine, Sydney, is located adjacent to the Lithgow District Hospital campus. All Notre Dame medical students spend the final two years of their degree at metropolitan, outer metropolitan and rural clinical sub-schools. Other sites include Hawkesbury, Auburn, Werribee, Ballarat, Wagga Wagga and St Vincent’s and Mater Hospitals, Sydney.


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