Experiencing criminal law with WA Police

Erin Judd has secured a job with WA Police as a ‘Senior Applications Officer’ in their Intelligence Unit.

20 February 2017

Graduating with a Law degree from The University of Notre Dame Australia can open up a variety of career doors. Just ask 2016 graduate Erin Judd who has secured a job with WA Police as a ‘Senior Applications Officer’ in their Intelligence Unit.

Erin graduated from Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus with a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (Major: Politics & Journalism) and a thirst for criminal law.

Balancing her studies, international hockey commitments and volunteering efforts, Erin secured employment whilst in the final year of her degree. She currently works with WA Police investigators and senior solicitors to write applications and affidavits for warrants to assist WA Police in their ongoing strategy of specific operations.

“These applications could fall under a variety of different types of legislation, both Commonwealth and State, meaning I have constant interactions with a variety of investigatory and judiciary bodies,” Erin said.

“The best thing about working at WA Police is that every job is different; I have met so many different people with different career aspirations. I have received the perfect exposure to criminal law that no text book could have taught me.”

Erin was an active member of the Notre Dame community during her six years on Campus. She played inter-university hockey and coached the Notre Dame Law football team; was a representative of the Notre Dame Law Student Society; and volunteered extensively with Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). Erin was announced as the AIME Mentor of the Year in 2016 for her tireless commitment to the program.

Above all, Erin was drawn to the University for its provision of pastoral care to all students, comprehensive hands-on experience as part of the Law program and Notre Dame’s picturesque location in the heart of Fremantle’s West End.

“Notre Dame’s small classes are something we all take for granted. I now find that my ability to interact with others and voice my opinion in an appropriate manner is developed from small tutor groups and seminar discussions,” Erin said.

“I’m starting to learn that employers seek and value staff who are willing to listen, learn and offer their views; they want people who are personable, compassionate and hard-working. Notre Dame teaches all students these essential workplace virtues.”

Professor Doug Hodgson, Dean of the School of Law, Fremantle, says the School is committed to graduating well-rounded and socially conscious legal professionals who can contribute fully in a number of career fields.

“Whether students hope to work in law, business, academia, journalism, government, human rights, social justice or another career, Notre Dame’s School of Law has developed a strong tradition of graduating outstanding job-ready professionals,” Professor Hodgson said.

For more information about study opportunities within the School of Law, please visit nd.edu.au/lawfreo.


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