Scholarship to study roots of Old Testament on Holy Land

Dr Lawrence Pang received a scholarship from the B. J. Hickey Biblical Foundation
to further his studies in the Old Testament.

10 April 2017

Dr Lawrence Pang, Lecturer in Notre Dame’s School of Philosophy & Theology, has received a scholarship from the B.J. Hickey Biblical Foundation to further his studies in the Old Testament at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.

Dr Pang will embark on the month-long study program from Tuesday 30 May 2017, with a view to deepening his understanding of Israel and its history, culture, people, faith and the Holy Land, and to gaining exciting new insights about God in the Old Testament.

Now in its fifth year, the Foundation awards scholarships to those who wish to pursue biblical studies locally and overseas and contribute new knowledge in Catholic scripture to the Archdiocese of Perth. The Tantur Ecumenical Institute is part of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and offers scholarly and sabbatical programs for members of all religious communities wanting to further explore and research the Holy Land.

“Students in my classes at Notre Dame will be the beneficiaries of my trip to Israel – not just in terms of scriptural knowledge, but getting them more closely engaged with Old and New Testament scriptures,” Dr Pang said.

Dr Pang says stories within the Old Testament are more relevant today than ever – especially that of Cain and Abel – as they can teach us how to lead a more humble and spiritual life, developing closer ties with others.

“Underpinned by jealousy, Cain murdered his brother after God favoured Abel’s sacrifice over his own. The prevailing focus in our society is on the ‘I’ rather than ‘us’ and consumerism feeds the mentality of having more rather than being more,” Dr Pang said.

“God’s question to Cain compels us to acknowledge that we are responsible for each other’s wellbeing. Nothing is more important than loving and caring relationships.”


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