Muslim activists rally for climate action

The book Islamic Environtamentalism: Activism is the United States and Great Britain will be launched at Notre Dame's Sydney Campus on 4 October 2017.

4 October 2017

Muslim environmentalists are taking big steps within their communities when it comes to the fight against global warming, according to a new book being launched today.

Written by Sydney-based University of Notre Dame Australia lecturer, Dr Rosemary Hancock, the book – Islamic Environmentalism: Activism in the United States and Great Britain – explores the many ways Muslims are making a case for environmentalism based on Islamic principles.

And it makes a compelling case for Muslims in Australia to join the cause for environmental conservation, according to prominent Muslim community member Dr Susan Carland, who will co-launch the book with Dr Rosemary Hancock.

“Islamic environmentalism is under-studied and receives little attention – yet there are Muslims engaged in serious efforts to address climate change and global warming,” said Dr Hancock.

“In the UK Islamic leaders are joining a campaign for ‘Green Mosques’, whilst Muslim activists in the US have set up websites offering resources for preachers to write environment-focused sermons that are grounded in Islamic teaching.

“By drawing on case studies from overseas, the book shows it is because of principles within the Islamic faith that we are witnessing a growing number of Muslim activists making environmentalism a priority in their communities,” she said.

Calling for Muslims living in Australia to take up the environmental cause in Australia, Dr Carland said the book offers some very inspiring examples of how they too can draw on their faith to promote environmental awareness.

“As the climate change crisis continues to worsen, it is in our best interests to encourage more Muslims around the world to consider how the Islamic faith can be applied in an environmental context,” Dr Carland said.

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Details for the event are below:
Date: Wednesday, 4 October 2017
Time: 5.30pm-6pm
Venue: Moorgate Common Room, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus (Broadway)
Address: 10 Grafton Street, Chippendale

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