Accessing Student Information

Many parents wish to assist their daughter or son by making amendments to an application or being informed about its progress.

Information provided to the University may only be accessed by the student, unless the parents or legal guardians have been authorised in writing, to do so.

If your daughter or son will be uncontactable when university offers become available, it is highly recommended that they have authorised someone to act on their behalf throughout the admission and enrolment process.

The information provided to the University will be used for the purposes of, and in relation to, your daughter or son’s potential enrolment at The University of Notre Dame Australia. Where privacy principles apply, the University restricts access to those staff members who may need the information in the carrying out of their responsibilities in the academic and/or personal interests of the student.

The University does not provide, by commercial arrangement or otherwise, the personal information of students or other stakeholders, including parents or legal guardians, except in the following cases:

  • when authorised in writing to do so; and
  • where required or authorised by law to government and regulatory authorities; credit reporting and fraud checking agencies; to your authorised representatives (e.g. legal representatives).