Research - Degrees

Research degrees at both the Doctoral (PhD) and Masters level are offered by the University and are supervised by academic staff with research expertise. Research may be undertaken either full-time or part-time.

Professional doctorates involve a research component, approximately equal to two thirds of a PhD, and a coursework requirement.

Professional Doctorate (Fremantle)   Professional Doctorate (Sydney)

All theses are assessed through external examination.

Applicants will choose the degree which best suits their needs depending on their previous study and their professional orientation. These degree opportunities are available at both the Masters and Doctoral levels and some involve formal coursework requirements.

Those who are seeking advice on research degrees at either the Masters or Doctoral level should contact

Masters Degrees by ResearchRegulations

Masters degrees by research are available in the discipline and professional areas represented by the Schools of the University. For more information please contact the Research Office at

Masters Degree by Research (Fremantle)   Masters Degree by Research (Sydney)

Master of Philosophy – Various Disciplines

Masters of Philosophy (Fremantle)   Masters of Philosophy (Sydney)

Doctor of Philosophy - Regulations

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree which generally requires at least three years of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent) beyond a Masters degree of a superior standard which also includes a substantial research component. A Bachelor degree with a superior grade of honours may lead to acceptance into a PhD program.

A student may be required to undertake research training as part of the PhD program. The PhD research and the resulting thesis are an independent supervised systematic advanced level investigation into a significant question or related questions, problems or phenomena. The thesis must make an original and substantial contribution to knowledge.

Doctor of Philosophy (Fremantle)   Doctor of Philosophy (Sydney)

Research Degrees available

CourseDuration (yrs)
     Masters by Coursework and Dissertation2
Research Degrees
     Master of Philosophy (Fremantle)   (Sydney)1.5
Masters by Research (Sydney)2
Master of Medicine/Surgery (Sydney)2
Master of Arts; Master of Business; Master of Education; Master of Health Sciences; Master of Laws; Master of Religious Education; Master of Science (Medicine); Master of Science (Arts & Sciences); Master of Science (Physiotherapy); Master of Theology 2
     Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Fremantle)   (Sydney)3
     Professional Doctorate (Fremantle)   (Sydney)3